Bluewind Information Systems Inc. has been operating on Vancouver Island for over 15 years. Through this time we have provided over 200 clients with technology solutions grounded in reliability, consistency, and security.

Our company was founded in Nanaimo, BC as a Sole Proprietorship in 2003, and has since shifted to a corporation since.

We are happy to provide organizations with technical support through British Columbia, but our clients must understand we are grounded in ethical IT. It means we select vendors, hardware and solutions based on environment and social considerations.

Brent Lee, M.A.

Brent is a highly accomplished Senior Executive, C-Suite Officer, Entrepreneur, Consultant, Professor, and Public Speaker with 20 years of success in technology, IT, education, e-learning, cloud computing, healthcare, medical device, software, and consulting. Leveraging extensive experience in instructional design and network administration, he is a valuable asset for mature similar-sector companies looking for acumen in business continuity, operational efficiency, and education/classroom problem-solving. His broad areas of expertise include strategic planning; server architecture and design; open-source design and management; learning management systems; project management; database design and administration; network security management; firewalls; process improvement; risk and change management; wide-area networks; VOIP; Windows Server; MS Exchange; Moodle; SharePoint; WordPress; web development; social technology; and school redesign. 

In his executive career, Brent has held leadership positions at Brentwood College School; Lee’s Bees Honey Production & Pollination; BlueHealth Inc; Yukon Housing Corporation; School District 42; School District 69; Bluewind Information Systems (Founder/COO); BC Learning Network; School District 91; Vancouver Island Health Authority; and Vancouver Island University. As Director of Information Technology, Brent was brought in to redesign an entire school infrastructure. He rebuilt the IT department and directed team actions supporting 10+ business applications in admissions, finance, human resources, operations, marketing, communications, and client services. A progressive leader in education emphasizing innovation and technology, Brent overhauled the student information system; restructured the network; installed VOIP phone systems; reduced heavy use of external consultants; and introduced a service model boosting customer satisfaction. He developed and drove instructional technology objectives to increase and optimize teacher and staff technology literacy; and maintained high standards in IT staff hiring, training, performance, problem-solving, quality assurance, project management, and team building. 

Brent continues to serve as Managing Director of an independent web-based healthcare system focused on school health centers in British Columbia. He is Founder/COO of a longstanding hosting and tech services sole proprietorship continuing to serve 50+ clients and specializing in LAMP stack applications and networking. Brent has multiple longterm IT business commitments in education, housing, and healthcare. He supports or provides learning management system (LMS) platforms, mobile learning technology, instructional design, executive and staff training, Ubuntu servers performance, Linux infrastructure, UNIX mainframes, redundant configurations, Moodle and Drupal enterprise solutions, database design, and information analytics. 

As Director of Innovation and Technology Services working with a board of directors, Brent served as Interim Deputy Head of School while managing the technology team, developing the school’s overall strategic and 5-year technology plans to steer organizational restructure of leadership, records, technology, and library services – while overseeing design and implementation of a new website to increase admissions. As a university professor for 6 years, Brent developed and delivered network, systems, server, and security courses with exemplar faculty evaluations. 

Brent earned both a Technical Certificate in Computer Systems and Networking and a Technical Diploma in Wide Area Networking from Vancouver Island University; and an M.A. in Learning and Technology from Royal Roads University. He has delivered multiple presentations on learning, technology, and system integrations.