Modern Technology Solutions

For 25 years, Brent Lee has provided modern cutting-edge technology solutions to organizations. Often, we are the company called when innovation is needed. We introduce clients to modern, cloud-based solutions that focus on lower operating costs, simplicity, and self-reliance systems.

About Us

Organizational Assessment

External Assessment of current IT infrastructure, and recommendations


Consulting related to various technology systems.


Does your network require an upgrade or a redesign?


Does your organization require a server overhaul?

Strategic Planning

Does your organization require a technology plan, and a vision to move forward. Are your systems aging and becoming a high risk? Contact us for a discovery call to get your plan in motion.

Technology Overhaul

Often clients require us to visit and replace systems during slow times. If you require a network, systems, or technology overhaul, we have the talent to get the job done.


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